The Department of General Practice at Virginia Commonwealth University exhibits the profile of a dynamic, experienced, devoted and diverse faculty. This department embraces the uniqueness of individuals and the belief that the learning process continues throughout life. This is based on a sincere love and respect for all.

We are dedicated to improving oral health while fostering the quest of knowledge and advancing the education process. This department is comprised of staff personnel, full time professors and the support of numerous community based adjunct faculty members committed to the pursuit of these ideals.

We value the experience of patient care clinicians as well as the commitment to research. Our teaching methods include the latest technologies and are as basic as the human touch with sponsorships of local and international humanitarian dental missions.

The Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program administratively resides within the department.


The primary mission of the Department of General Practice is to educate general practitioners of dentistry within the scope of areas of the department's responsibility. Within this mission is the definition and provision of quality oral health care to the public and educating dental students to be capable of providing preventive and treatment services in an ethical and professional manner. Implicit in this mission statement is the directive that the department will continue to respond to the existing and future primary dental care needs of the people in the Commonwealth.

The department will assume a prominent role in research and other scholarly activity and provide future practitioners the access to the development of problem solving and technological skills necessary to remain a competent professional. Consistent with the mission of the School of Dentistry, the department will encourage the development of faculty to become leaders in dental education, research, and organized dentistry.